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    • Zofran Lawsuits – Birth Defects

      Zofran Lawsuits – Birth Defects

      Zofran is the marketed name of Ondansetron, an anti-nausea medication that is sometimes prescribed to women in the first trimester of their pregnancy to treat morning sickness.  The manufacturer is alleged to have encouraged doctors to prescribe this powerful medication […]

    • Bed Sores in a Nursing Home – What To Do

      Bed Sores in a Nursing Home – What To Do

      Pressure ulcers (a/k/a bedsores or pressure sores), which have been used as an indicator of quality of care, are a widespread problem in long-term care settings.  A study by Gosnell and VanEtten finds that pressure ulcers affect approximately 1 million […]

    • How To Avoid Thanksgiving Traffic in NJ

      How To Avoid Thanksgiving Traffic in NJ

      Thanksgiving is all about turkey, cranberries, football and traffic jams. A Plymouth Rock Assurance study shows that midday hours are the busiest for travel in New Jersey.  The study shows 87% of New Jersey residents traveling on Thanksgiving Day will […]

    • IVC Filter Complications?

      IVC Filter Complications?

      An inferior vena cava filter (IVC filter) is a type of vascular filter, a medical device that is implanted by radiologists or vascular surgeons into the inferior vena cava in an attempt to prevent life threatening pulmonary embolisms.  The filters […]



      The prescription blood-thinner Pradaxa was first prescribed to prevent blood clots in people with atrial fibrillation.  While the anti-clotting action of Pradaxa can treat this condition, it can also lead to potentially fatal bleeding. Pradaxa was approved in October 2010.  […]

    • Cerebral Palsy Causes

      Cerebral Palsy Causes

      Cerebral palsy is caused by an abnormality or disruption in brain development, usually before a child is born.  People used to think that CP was mainly caused by lack of oxygen during the birth process.  Scientists now think that this […]



      Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of disability and death in infants and children.  The age groups most at risk for brain injury are newborns through age 4 and teens from 15 to 19.  Among those […]



      Casinos are an important part of the Atlantic City economy.  They require thousands of employees working in various capacities.  Working in a casino can be a positive experience but, unfortunately, there is a downside.  Casinos are a playground for adults […]

    • NJ Auto Accidents – What To Do Now?

      NJ Auto Accidents – What To Do Now?

      Car accidents happen in New Jersey every day.  When you are involved in a car accident, it can be both overwhelming and confusing.  You need to try to stay calm and make a mental note of any and all details […]

    • Signs of Elder Abuse

      Signs of Elder Abuse

      We have been litigating elder abuse cases for years and the number of new calls seems to rise by the day. According to the World Health Organization, “elder abuse is a violation of human rights and a significant cause of […]