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Last Thursday, a St. Louis jury  awarded a California woman  more than $70  million in her  lawsuit alleging that years  of  using Johnson  & Johnson’s baby powder caused her cancer, the latest case raising concerns about  the  health  ramifications of  extended  talcum powder use.  Johnson & Johnson lost a third straight trial after three hours of deliberations.

According  to  the  Los Angeles Times, Deborah  Giannecchini, 63, said  she had used Johnson  & Johnson for  feminine  hygiene for 45  years  before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in  2012.  The lawsuit accused Johnson & Johnson  of “negligent conduct” in  making and marketing  its  baby powder.

In addition to the monetary compensation she received, Giannecchini said she hoped  Johnson  & Johnson  would  more clearly present the risks  associated  with using  talcum  powder.  “I hope  that Johnson  & Johnson will step up and  take responsibility and post a warning on their product that  says  this is not as  safe as you may  think it  is and  think about it  before you decide  to use this  product,” she said.

About 1,700 lawsuits in state  and federal courts  have  been  filed  against  Johnson & Johnson  for  failing to  warn  consumers  that its baby powder  and Shower-to-Shower talc products may  cause  ovarian cancer.  Earlier this year, the  company lost $72 million  and $55 million  in the first two talc claims  in  St.  Louis.


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    Be careful with deodorant too
    Its simple soap and water folks

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