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After receiving phone calls from concerned employees, our law firm has initiated an investigation into the extremely unfortunate report of a nurse failing to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards while administering flu shots to Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees on September 30th.  The reports indicate that a nurse contracted by healthcare provider TotalWellness failed to replace a syringe while administering a flu shot to multiple employees of Otsuka.  The NJ Department of Health is also investigating the matter and it is recommended that the employees who had the flu shot undergo further testing to confirm that they have not contracted any infectious disease such as hepatitis B or C and HIV.

If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact me (Andrew D’Arcy) at 609-641-6200.

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  1. Gravatar for Beth Hernandez

    Kudos to you, for investigating this company. As a former employee, I can tell you they are the most unethical company I've encountered.

    The question should not be "should that nurse lose her licensure" - that's an unequivocal YES. The question should be how many people BEFORE she got to the 67 at Otsuka did she reuse the syringe on? Because all 67 Otsuka employees are not only exposed to each other, but are exposed to all the people she possibly used the syringe on before coming to Otsuka. The risk for HEP C and HIV is enormous. Those two diseases will forever change the course of these people's lives. Everytime you give an injection you pull back on the plunger to aspirate to ensure you're not in a vein. That action alone puts everyone at risk of blood & viral transference.

    While at Otsuka, I was based in Florida. It was MANDATORY that we got flu vaccines. It was that or lose your job. We were given a deadline date to have them done by and had to send our manager the sheet from the doctor verifying we got it. I remember having to find a CVS in Gainesville, FL that would give it, since I was traveling for work. I also remember stating "how can they mandate, as a company, whether or not I receive an injection or a vaccination?". Bottom line - they did it so people wouldn't lose any work days, not because they cared. It is a company that wants slaves, not employees. So those people in home office in NJ, didn't have a choice - I guarantee it. Dig into Otsuka and I promise you this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've worked since I was 14 - I'm now 47. It was the WORST company I've ever worked for and the most UNETHICAL company. They should be investigated and held accountable. Dig into all the people who were let go from "at will" states. I promise you they were wrongfully terminated.

    I've been saying for years I can't wait for someone to file a class action lawsuit against them - hopefully now it'll finally happen.

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